SATURDAY October 7th, 2017
WNBF Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini & Men’s Physique Open Pro Qualifier

Location: Greece Arcadia High School, 120 Island Cottage Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612.

Show Times:
Prejudging Men 10:00 am (competitor check in is at the host hotel on October 6th at 5:30pm + contestant meeting at 6pm)
Prejudging Women 4:00 pm (competitor check in is at the host hotel on October 6th at 6:45pm + contestant meeting at 7pm)

Drug Tested Event: This is a natural (drug-free) competition. All competitors must meet eligibility criteria listed in the Drug Testing Guidelines in order to participate. Competitors should review these procedures and the list of banned substances prior to registering.

Drug Testing: All competitors are required to be polygraph tested prior to competing. In addition, WNBF pro card winners (Men’s and Women’s Open Bodybuilding, Master’s Men Bodybuilding, Figure Open, Bikini & Men’s Physique) are required to provide urine specimens immediately after the event for urinalysis testing. Photo identification must be shown prior to polygraph tests and at the time of urine specimen collections. Any competitor not polygraph tested or any above referenced WNBF pro card winner not supplying a urine specimen immediately after the contest will be subject to disqualification.

Membership: All competitors are required to be current members of OCB to participate in this event. Membership forms, online registration and mail in options can be found on and Must be purchased by Monday Oct 2nd to compete, click on Upcoming Events page, or membership can be obtained at check-in for the event. Cost is $72 for the annual membership

  • Division Offerings: Men’s Bodybuilding: Men’s Physique, Teen, Jr. Men (23 & under), Novice, Age 50+, Age 40+, Open (4 classes) – Women’s Bodybuilding: Novice, Master’s, and Open (2 classes) Women’s Physique – Figure: Novice (2 classes), Age 45+ (2 classes), Age 35+ (2 classes), Open (4 classes) – Bikini: Novice, Open, Age 40+ – Promoter reserves the right to add or drop classes based on number of entries.

Classes: When more than one class in a division, classes are formed by dividing competitors evenly by height. (Class breakdowns and the order of events will be supplied to competitors approximately a week before the event).

Crossovers: A “crossover” is entering more than one division. For example, someone may enter the Figure Novice division, if eligible, and also elect to crossover into the Figure Open division and compete in it as well. Crossovers between the Figure, Bikini and Women’s Bodybuilding categories are not permitted.

Awards: Custom awards for top 5 placements in each class.  Awards also given for best poser, most muscular, Max Lil, and best wheels.

Entry Deadline: $20 late fee must be added to entry if post marked after Sept. 25th. No application will be accepted past Oct. 4th.

Fees:  $50 and $35 for each crossover. OCB Membership: $72 (if not already a current member). Polygraph screening $50 cash at time of polygraph (Polygraph fee not refunded if not passing).

Check-In/Polygraph Test: Friday October 6th by appointment at host hotel and Saturday morning October 7th by appointment at venue. You are responsible for scheduling your appointment – PLEASE E-MAIL Pat Kauffman at to set up a polygraph appointment at once you send your entry in.

Contestant meeting:
Prejudging Men 10:00 am (competitor check in is at the host hotel on October 6th at 5:30pm + contestant meeting at 6pm)
Prejudging Women 4:00 pm (competitor check in is at the host hotel on October 6th at 6:45pm + contestant meeting at 7pm)

Backstage policy: One trainer per competitor allowed, trainer MUST buy a trainer pass ($25), which is good for general admission and back stage access for both the prejudging and night show.

Pump-Up Area: Light weights and mirrors will be back stage for use in pumping up before going on stage. Competitors are welcome to bring their own equipment and mirrors as well.

Professional Services Available for Purchase: On site professional spray tan available by Glow sunless tanning, call

(585) 621-Glow (4569) to make an appointment. Prices are $100 which includes unlimited coats.

Prejudging: The Prejudging portion of the event will consist of: Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini group comparisons.

Finals: The Finals portion of the event will consist of: Bodybuilding routines, Figure and Bikini stage walks, awards presentations, and overall judging (for divisions that have more than one class). All competitors will perform at finals regardless of placement from prejudging. Bodybuilding routines and Figure/Bikini stage walks should last no more than 60 seconds. Competitors are to supply their own music for Finals performances on CD with no profanity (if burning music to CD on a computer please test it afterwards on a regular CD player to ensure it works outside the PC platform), also ipod’s can be used.

Tickets: 10:00 am Men’s: Adult General Admission $25, Under 10 General Admission Prejudging $10. 4:00pm Women’s: Adult General Admission $25, Under 10 General Admission Finals $10. All day Pass (both shows): Adult General Admission $40, Under 14 General Admission $20. Trainer Pass: $25 (Only one trainer max per competitor is permitted. Trainer passes are good for general admission seating all day & night & back stage). Airports: Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC)

Host Hotel: Hampton Inn, 500 Center Place Dr. Rochester NY 14615. 585-663-6070 & Mention “OCB Natural Bodybuilding show” for special show rate by sept 8th!

Payment: Entry forms can be sent with payment, to Paul Iatomasi, 318 Creighton Lane, Rochester, NY 14612.

Contact: Contact person for this event is Paul Iatomasi, 585-737-7357,